Good LlypH

Amino acids, chlorophyll, vitamins AND minerals
from a premium plant source for a good life.

What is Good LlypH?

Good LlypH includes the benefits of chlorophyll which is remarkably close to Hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein that helps to transport oxygen in the blood. Chlorophyll strengthens blood by restoring and replenishing red blood cells, aids in prevention of anemia and is loaded with antioxidant power.

Why Good LlypH is Good for You!

Your pH level has a profound effect on body chemistry, health and disease. Good LlypH helps your body maintain a healthy pH of 7.4 which is ideal for the growth of healthy fungi that destroy harmful bacteria. When your body becomes too acidic hemoglobin in the blood suffers.

Easing into Good LlypH

Good LlypH capsules = 300mg each

Adults -
  • 18-40 yrs: 3 daily
  • 40+ yrs: 4+ daily
  • Children -
  • 0-9yrs: 1 daily
  • 9-12 yrs: 2 daily
  • 13-18 yrs: 3 daily
  • Health deficient or diseased -
  • 4+ daily
  • Start slow with 1-2 capsules per day, and build up to your desired serving size.

    Look what's already in one capsule of Good LlypH!

    Good LlypH is a pure, plant source, vegetable protein.
    Free of contaminants.
    Also gluten free.

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